“12 Days of Anime”


Even though it may seem like I talk about them Japanese animations a lot, I never intended for this to be an anime blog nor do I really consider myself an anime blogger, which is why I never really participated in those aniblagohedron initiatives.

Of course, it’s not like I’ve been blogging much in general anyway, as my updates have slowed down to a trickle once again. Well, at least, I’m not blogging here, and by blogging I mean summarizing and discussing computer science papers. Maybe they will show up here in an attempt to dispel the myth that this is an anime blog.

But you know what? I’ve always needed a gimmick to get me started on things. I needed a simulwatchathon to get me going on Utena. I needed a short sadface movie to lead me into Clannad. I needed a Maasaki Endoh cover of ETERNAL BLAZE to convince me into watching Nanoha.

And now I’ll be using “12 Days of Anime” to jumpstart some poastan because I’d rather talk about anime than whine about grad school applications some more. And good thing too, because there are a ton of things I wanted to talk about but didn’t take the time to earlier in the year.

Now I just need to make sure this isn’t the only thing you’ll see for the next twelve months. See you tomorrow.