12 Days I: Weight is caused by gravity



I liked Gundam because I liked robots. The genesis of my Gundam fandom is my cousin’s gunpla collection, which I thought was the coolest thing ever when I was a kid. Many, many years later, I still think it’s the coolest thing.

For a long time, my knowledge of Gundam was basically ROBOTS and then Wing and then SEED. Somewhere along the line, I learned that there was a rich history behind Gundam and intended to one day experience this glorious Universal Century timeline, but until then, the UC would exist as some sort of holy grail. This would not happen until last year, when I watched the original trilogy movies.

This year, I took the step to pretty much finishing the UC with the exception of the one that’s not anime. It’s kind of amazing how different the entirety of the UC is to the AU Gundams. I mean, sure, SEED was a fairly transparent attempt at cloning the original, but other than the obvious differences like the incessant crying and the in your face pacifism, the two series just don’t feel the same.

So my perspective on Gundam was definitely realigned, not after watching the original Gundam movies, but after my viewing of Zeta, 08th MS Team, and Char’s Counterattack. These became my favourite Gundam shows, but there was still something missing. What I wanted was something that was modern in style but still distinctly UC.

And wouldn’t you know it, a show that bears those two letters shows up at the beginning of the year.

And with that, my soul was finally freed from that oppressive gravity.