12 Days VIII: Actually, I don’t think I quite caught the bunny allusion


Single dad manga? Why not? Yotsuba&!’s great!

I don’t know whether there’s much I can add about Usagi Drop. The whole thing is fairly straightforward. It’s a great story about a guy who ends up having to look after a kid all of a sudden and gets into the ups and downs and details of it. I’m sure we’ve all been told that raising a kid is hard and doubly so if you’re the only doing it. Although I guess Daikichi lucked the hell out because Rin is probably the best kid you could hope for.

Okay, maybe I can say something about the much more contentious second half of the story, in which Rin is no longer an adorable child but is a teenager. The immediate reaction is “NOOOO why can’t Usagi Drop be about Daikichi taking care of little Rin forever?” but you know, it doesn’t work like that. Kids grow up and parents should get a chance to feel proud if their kids turn out to be decent human beings, which Rin is in spades.

But also important is that it has some loose threads that need to be resolved. Does anything end up happening between Rin and her mother? Do Daikichi and Kouki’s mom get together? Or do Rin and Kouki get together? I’d imagine a ton of people were interested in seeing how the last two questions get answered. Which of course leads us to the ending.

I’ve already talked about the ending and I’ve tried to understand where it came from. So a lot of people are pissed at the ending because it’s weird as hell and came out of nowhere. But more importantly, it was basically a punch in the gut for everyone who was waiting on those last two questions because it basically resolved the “problem” (because if you think about it, you can’t really have both happen) in the worst way imaginable.

Really, that’s the only snag of the entire thing and I’ll admit it’s a pretty big one. One of the great things about Usagi Drop is its realism and believability, which this development was not. Of course, this is only a concern if you’re at all interested in the manga. If your only desire is to remain in bliss solely in the realm of a guy tries to raise a kid without knowing how, then stick to the anime and the first half of the manga, which is the most adorable thing.