12 Days IX: Socially awkward monster-kun


Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is about socially awkward people. Our main couple is made up of a girl who knows everything and a boy who knows nothing. Shizuku is relentless and ruthless in her pursuit of knowledge and success. Haru is sharp but literally does not know how to interact with people. So you put them together and you’ve got two kids who don’t know how to deal with the other. Misunderstandings, the grease that keeps shoujo manga moving, happen because they actually misunderstand each other and not because they dance around trying to avoid each other for no reason. When they meet, they clash, but things work out quickly. And toss in a whole crew of other socially awkward people and the whole thing becomes a whole barrel of shenanigans with well-intentioned kids trying to deal with one another.