12 Days II: Aim for the muscle end

「Secret of the world」/「NorthAbyssor」

At the end of the day, I think I liked Little Busters more than I disliked it. After all, the important parts were good and that’s what really matters. It turned out to be pretty clever with how it worked in the game mechanics into its themes too. To be honest, my interest in the anime is purely because of this mechanical layer to the story: how is it going to translate? It seems like it’d be a lot tougher to wrangle than light orbs. And so, we wait.

12 Days I: Something stolen


Just as we learned in Muv-Luv Alternative, it doesn’t take very long for everything that’s been going so well to just crash and burn. Six years after the promise at the end of Akane Maniax, we finally have ourselves a Muv-Luv anime. So it’s a sidestory, that’s okay, I can’t say no to more Muv-Luv. Oh, but it features a song by Koda Kumi. Also, it looks kind of bad. Also, the BETA look really bad. Also, it’s veering into really dumb territory. And the characters are unlikeable and stupid. Oh no, what does this mean for the future of Muv-Luv in animation? No. Please, no. Make it stop. Cue the piano.