12 Days VII: From plastic I came and to plastic I return

びるど | たろう

びるど | たろう

My first encounter with Gundam was as a child, in my cousin’s room, admiring his gunpla collection. Years later, I watched my first Gundam anime: Gundam Wing. Yes, I know, but it was amazing when I was 12 because it was Gundam. Ditto for my second Gundam anime, Gundam SEED, which was my introduction to the world of fansubs. It was at this time that I learned that Gundam was a serious series about how bad war was and the human propensity for conflict. And over the last few years, I dug up the UC shows and OVAs and faithfully followed the new shows that arrived. And then I watched Gundam Build Fighters because it was Gundam and it was just what I had to do, even though it was going to suck. Well, what it did instead was suck out everything I’d learned about Gundam over the past decade and brought me back to the foundation of my Gundam fandom: plastic robots are awesome.

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