12 Days XII: Mochizou Love Story

「もち蔵大好き、どうぞ」 | 欸府

「もち蔵大好き、どうぞ」 | 欸府

Something that I was totally convinced of during the airing of Tamako Market was that Mochizou and Tamako would get together by the end of the show. Otherwise, I reasoned, it wouldn’t make sense how much emphasis was put on how much Mochizou was in love with this childhood friend of his and this particular subplot fit in well with the whole getting married off to a foreign prince thing. Of course, none of this happened and I was left a bit disappointed.

Some time later, at a KyoAni event, Horiguchi had let slip that there was a Tamako movie or something in the works. When the title was revealed to be Tamako Love Story screamed internally and thanked the CEO of Kyoto Animation.

Of course, it turned out that this approach to the Tamako/Mochizou relationship worked out better in the end. Tamako Market let us see the characters going about their lives while being distracted by a talking bird. Separating the story about Tamako and Mochizou from that meant being able to focus intensely on the two of them for an hour and a half. This is obviously great because Tamako is cute and Mochizou is cute and they are cute together. Anime of the year.

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