12 Days of Doing Nothing Wrong

Slaine did nothing wrong.

Slaine did nothing wrong.

When you are reading this, I will likely be chilling around somewhere in Kansai. But do not worry, I didn’t forget about this tradition (yet). Even though I don’t really blog anymore (who does?) I do enjoy this festive end of the year exercise. In fact, I bet some of you don’t even know I had an anime blog. Anyhow, this year has had some good stuff going for it and instead of actually blogging throughout the year, I got lazy and saved it up to unleash on you all now. See you tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “12 Days of Doing Nothing Wrong

  1. Funny !! I knew just few months ago , since then I was waiting for your writings ( Especially those of anime and math together ) . Finally I am getting something !! I hope you enjoyed your year . See you tomorrow .

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