12 Days VII: Hibike! Clarinet

I know that feel.

I know that feel.

The most disappointing thing about Hibike Euphonium was the lack of clarinet boys on whom I could project (no, bass clarinets are not the same as clarinets, they don’t even look the same). It is truly unfortunate that such a good story and show are spent on brass instrument players. But as much as that was a minor disappointment, Eupho is able to capture the high school band experience quite faithfully. Some people might be really good but at the end of the day they’re all high school students in a club so they’re not great. Much like in sports anime, even if they are amateurs that’ll stop doing this after a few years, it doesn’t hurt to try and want to be good.

Anyway, here is a nice photo that I took on my trip to Japan.


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