12 Days IV: In the name of the moon

A long time ago, the only boy idol anime that existed was Utapri. I sat on the Utapri ride for a while before finally getting off this year. The main problem I have with a lot of these boy idol anime is that the producer is often the stand-in for you, the otome maiden that all the boy idols fall in love with. It doesn’t really make for a great story, although I hear Enstars and idolish7 may be different? Anyhow, what I find great about Tsukiuta is that there is no main heroine. The producers are just other characters, in kind of the same vein as the iM@S anime. And so Tsukiuta is not concerned with a particular plot where you take them to greatness, but it’s about their everyday lives and work. The entire show eventually culminates in a live episode that really felt like a live, which was unfortunately harmed by extremely poor animation.