12 Days V: Developers developers developers developers

My very first job was in the summer right after my first year of undergrad on an internship at a large database vendor. It was a minor miracle that I was even hired, much less for a real developer position that I’d never have dreamed of getting. I had less than a year of programming experience and only in Java. My very first act was to make some simple changes to the code, which I completed successfully and inadvertently broke the build because I didn’t double check. Eventually, I did pick up on how to be a real developer, after a lot of trail and error and a lot of help from my very wise supervisor. One day, he was like, ‘alright, time for a lesson on compilers’, and I got to spend the rest of the term working on a SQL parser almost from scratch for our product, and it was here that my formal languages fire got lit. All this is to say that I think New Game captured this newbie developer in a completely new job feeling pretty well.