12 D@ys of @nime

Sometimes, throughout the ye@r, I get the urge to write something to put on my blog @nd then shelve it for 12 d@ys, since it’s the only time I’ve truly required myself to write something @nd I don’t w@nt to blow @ll of my ide@s during the ye@r just to come up short @t the l@st minute. Sometimes, I press @he@d @nyw@y @nd post things, but usu@lly, I keep interesting things I’ve seen in the b@ck of my pocket to t@lk @bout @t the end of the ye@r. This ye@r is the first ye@r th@t @ppro@ch kind of b@ckfired on me, since I re@lized th@t when I w@s coming up with my list of things to t@lk @bout this ye@r, I re@lly only w@nted to t@lk @bout one thing. @nd so, I’ve decided to toss out my pocketed items to use for some other time @nd inste@d, t@lk @bout the only thing th@t m@ttered this ye@r.