12 D@ys III: 無敵の俺たち315

Back in the days before we dared to dream that SideM would ever get an anime anytime soon, I thought that an anime would probably be focused on Dramatic Stars and the other 315Pro units, while Jupiter would be treated as something kind of like the 765Pro Allstars. And to lead up to that, I thought it’d be nice and it’d make sense if they made something like a Jupiter-focused movie to tie together their new start at the end of Animas and how they ended up at 315Pro. Now, I didn’t really expect them to do something like that, so imagine my surprise when they announced Episode 0.

Something that had always struck me about the Jupiter when they began their transformation was that they tried their best to learn from what they’d seen in 765Pro, but Jupiter still seemed to be very alone. Episode 0 showed us one side of this. While Touma, Hokuto, and Shouta had each other and their crew, they were still lacking a lot of the support that the girls at 765Pro had. They didn’t have a Producer who they could trust to have their backs and support them.

But in addition to having P-san, the 765Pro Allstars had each other. They had friends and colleagues and rivals, working together and encouraging each other. It’s clear that Jupiter saw this and tried their best to recreate some of that magic on their own, but it’s something that they wouldn’t be able to get until they joined 315Pro. This all seems incredibly obvious after Episodes 0, 8, and 9 of the anime, but it’s been hinted at throughout mobage and the manga in smaller and less obvious interactions. One of my favourite chapters was about Touma teaching Mofumofuen how to cook for one of their variety shows.

In any case, it’s lovely to see that after all these years, Jupiter’s finally found a place that they can call home.