12 D@ys VIII: Keep on smiling beside

At SideM 1st, we heard a very passionate man for the first time. Since then, I’d be wondering when we’d get to hear our faithful office assistant. I was reminded of this when watching Million Live or Cinderella Girls, where Kotori or Chihiro are always ready at the beginning of the live to remind us to follow the rules and not stir any shit up.

Yamamura Ken has been in SideM from the beginning and always pops up at various inopportune times, which led to the meme of him being the face of all the various fuckups and scams that we have to navigate. Game gets taken down for five months just after launch? 山村ァ!! Got nothing but manny and scout points from the garbage cans? 山村ァ!! New idol applicant profiles covered in tea? 山村ァ!! But he is an integral part of SideM, just as the other office assistants are. Who else can we trust to take our money?

One of the fun things about Yamamura is when the game decides to just randomly drop something involving him. One day, you’ll log in to collect your login bonus and Yamamura will show up in a Tanabata outfit or something. Or else, he’ll drop a sheet of paper which you discover has his birthday on it, and oh, it happens to be tomorrow (July 2).

In that sense, it’s fitting that we first hear Yamamura unexpectedly in the very first moments of SideM 2nd. The sponsor cards finish flashing and a new voice greeting everyone and thanking them for their hard work is suddenly heard. The camera pans to the crowd, where you can see people who are confused and people who are beginning to figure out who exactly it is they’re hearing.