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12 Days IX: Socially awkward monster-kun


Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is about socially awkward people. Our main couple is made up of a girl who knows everything and a boy who knows nothing. Shizuku is relentless and ruthless in her pursuit of knowledge and success. Haru is sharp but literally does not know how to interact with people. So you put them together and you’ve got two kids who don’t know how to deal with the other. Misunderstandings, the grease that keeps shoujo manga moving, happen because they actually misunderstand each other and not because they dance around trying to avoid each other for no reason. When they meet, they clash, but things work out quickly. And toss in a whole crew of other socially awkward people and the whole thing becomes a whole barrel of shenanigans with well-intentioned kids trying to deal with one another.

12 Days VIII: (」・ω・)」えのしま!(/・ω・)/どーん


tsuritama made me happy. It made me happy because the director made something that I liked and that he was good at again after [C]. It made me happy because it’s just so damned colourful and the characters were so happy. It made me happy because everything about it, from fishing to aliens to the secret organization fighting aliens were so goofy. It made me happy because it was so cheery and happy and everything is going to turn out alright.

12 Days VII: Janken Pretty Cure


This was my second Precure and let’s just say Heartcatch was a tough act to follow. And well, it’s a good thing that Smile doesn’t try to out-Heartcatch Heartcatch. It’s certainly fun and everyone has fun. Even the villains don’t seem to be trying very hard sometimes, almost as if they knew what show they were in. So it’s not as punch-kicking, but it still knows how to entertain. Of course, it does get serious on occasion and the fun that we’ve had for the weeks beforehand don’t seem to detract from it. But really, it’s the best when it goes all out with its ridiculousness.

12 Days VI: The Hax Swordsman


A lot of people love Sword Art Online. A lot of people hate it, too. Yeah, Kirito is pretty hax, but I’ve been enjoying it largely because of that. It’s kind of like back when I had a playable version of Jedi Knight 2, sometimes, I’d just start it up and turn on cheats and go wreck things. I was also fairly hopeful that Asuna would be interesting, but that didn’t pan out as well as I’d hoped in later volumes. But after all that, I’ve kept reading it because in the end, I just want to see Kirito and Asuna be happy together (´・ω・`).

12 Days V: We’re p cure


So I figured it was time to start at the beginning. And in the beginning, there was nothing but Black and White. No themes or gimmicks, just two girls punching monsters and holding hands and shooting beams. These were simpler times. And surprisingly, they were more dangerous times too. While the villains here didn’t really succeed any more than they do in the Precure shows I’ve seen, they felt a lot more threatening. Obviously, the villains in Smile are a bunch of loveable scamps, but even the crew from Heartcatch didn’t really feel quite as sinister. Maybe that’s why it always seems like Black and White have their work cut out for them.