12 Days VIII: MomoKore

Momokuri is a nice show about a boy and a girl in a healthy, respectful relationship. At the beginning, they’re a bit awkward as they get to know one another better and learn about each others’ strange but totally benign behaviour. Over the course of the show, they grow and trust each other more and more and Kurihara did nothing wrong. Everything is fine, nothing is wrong or illegal.

12 Days VI: Soy milk

I know literally nothing about the Tales games except that Sorey and Mikleo exist and are good. But finally, even if the show turned out 100% to be the typical garbage JRPG anime adptation dreck that we’re used to, at the very least, I’d finally have some context for Sorey and Mikleo. It’s not perfect (the Berseria episodes are still a puzzle), but it is pretty dang good. Before, I had heard that Sorey and Mikleo were good, and took that at everybody’s word, but now I know that Sorey and Mikleo are good.

12 Days V: Developers developers developers developers

My very first job was in the summer right after my first year of undergrad on an internship at a large database vendor. It was a minor miracle that I was even hired, much less for a real developer position that I’d never have dreamed of getting. I had less than a year of programming experience and only in Java. My very first act was to make some simple changes to the code, which I completed successfully and inadvertently broke the build because I didn’t double check. Eventually, I did pick up on how to be a real developer, after a lot of trail and error and a lot of help from my very wise supervisor. One day, he was like, ‘alright, time for a lesson on compilers’, and I got to spend the rest of the term working on a SQL parser almost from scratch for our product, and it was here that my formal languages fire got lit. All this is to say that I think New Game captured this newbie developer in a completely new job feeling pretty well.

12 Days IV: In the name of the moon

A long time ago, the only boy idol anime that existed was Utapri. I sat on the Utapri ride for a while before finally getting off this year. The main problem I have with a lot of these boy idol anime is that the producer is often the stand-in for you, the otome maiden that all the boy idols fall in love with. It doesn’t really make for a great story, although I hear Enstars and idolish7 may be different? Anyhow, what I find great about Tsukiuta is that there is no main heroine. The producers are just other characters, in kind of the same vein as the iM@S anime. And so Tsukiuta is not concerned with a particular plot where you take them to greatness, but it’s about their everyday lives and work. The entire show eventually culminates in a live episode that really felt like a live, which was unfortunately harmed by extremely poor animation.