12 Days III: アイ CAN’T GO!

An alternate timeline of July 2015 goes like this: I submit a paper to ICALP and it gets accepted. I get to go to Kyoto in July. I take a week or two of vacation in Japan. I am able to snag a ticket to 10th with some help from my good friends. I go to M@STERS OF IDOL WORLD!! 2015 on July 18-19 and have a good time at my first live, seeing the 765PRO All Stars and the CGs and MLs, and meeting some cool people from the internet. I go leave Japan and go to Liverpool for my next conference. In our current timeline, only one of these things happened.

10th was a really great live for celebrating imas as a whole. Focusing on the 765PRO ALLSTARS on the first day was a great way of marking their 10th anniversary and incorporating Cinderella Girls and Million Live in the second day was a great way of marking the 10th anniversary of the series as a whole and for setting it up for the years to come. The only unfortunate thing was the decision or circumstances that resulted in SideM not being included. It’s understandable, since it was early for them, but they’d have been debuting just a bit later, so it seems like some unfortunate timing prevented them from also participating in this series milestone. It seems like DRIVE A LIVE playing on Day 2 is a bit of a concession on that point.

12 Days II: Shine and become a star

Cute, cool, or passion?

Cute, cool, or passion?

One day, I decided to dip my toes a bit more into this IDOLM@STER thing so I signed up for a mbga account so I could produce some idols. I got through the tutorial and chose Shiburin and spent about five minutes of tapping around in Cinderella Girls before I abandoned the “game” in boredom and now mbga won’t stop sending me emails. So I liked IDOLM@STER but I did not really have a strong connection with CG, so when the anime was announced and aired, I approached it the same way I did with the original animas, with curiosity and an open mind and bits and pieces of knowledge of the series that I’d gleaned by osmosis and exposure.

The trouble with these things is that you end up comparing them to their more successful older siblings. Cinderella Girls isn’t animas but it’s got it’s own charms. I mean, we were gifted with TakeP, for one. And even though it fell into production hell, the big performances of the first half stuck with me and the arc of the second half worked out quite well. And I think its magic must’ve worked if I can go back and listen to random CG songs that I didn’t “get” and feel a bit of a connection to the characters now. It almost made me wish I’d considered trying for CG3rd, so good job scamco, I guess?